I Spy! (Daddy from America) - II serie #3 "Sophia"

USA, 1966


Robert Butler


Bill Cosby ... Alexander Scott
Raffaella Carrą ... Sophia
Enzo Cerusico ... Gino
Caterina Boratto ... Contessa
Umberto D'Orsi ... Bartender
Aldo Bufi Landi ... Policeman
Fulvia Franco ... Wife
Calisto Calisti ... Husband
Carlo Rizzo ... Magistrate (as Carlo Risso)
Pietro Tordi ... Lawyer
Gordon Mitchell ... Angelo


Morton S. Fine writer
David Friedkin

A Roman holiday for Robinson and Scott goes awry when the latter gets involved in his foster daughter's marriage plans.
Filmed in Rome, "Sophia" features Rafaella Carra as the title character. Unofficially adopted by agent Kelly during WW2, Sophia has now become engaged to Gino (Enzo Cerusico), a charming scoundrel. Before long, both Kelly and Scotty find themselves trying to undo the damage perpetrated by Gino's habit of stealing and fencing jewelry that doesn't belong to him. It was on the strength of this I Spy episode that Enzo Ceruscio was cast in another Sheldon Leonard-produced TV series, My Friend Tony. Written by Mort Fine and David Friedkin, "Sophia" was originally telecast on September 28, 1966


Locandine di questo film ritrasmesso in alcune sale cinematografiche dell'America Latina